I’m Hikari Yorokobi, Anime Motivation’s official mascot

Anime Motivation is the the trendsetter for all things anime quotes, life lessons and inspirational content for anime fans.

It’s where anime and motivation collide.

After starting in 2016 and now reaching millions of fans per month, Hikari Yorokobi became the official mascot to represent the media brand.


The definition of Hikari Yorokobi

Hikari means light and Yorokobi means joy in Japanese. And that’s how the name was born.

Anime Motivation’s goal is to make a difference in the anime community, whether that’s through:

  1. Content like recommendations, lessons, quotes and more.
  2. Products like books, merchandise, giveaways.
  3. Partnerships like ANM’s relationship with Crunchyroll.
  4. Collaborations.

And so on.

Hikari Yorokobi is an addition to all of this, as she’s represented throughout all of Anime Motivation’s social media, website, advertising and beyond.


Facts about Hikari Yorokobi:

  • She’s a Cancer (horoscope).
  • July 17th (birthday).
  • Blue hair, blue eyes.
  • Prefers short hairstyle.
  • Likes fashion, cosplay, keeping fit, staying occupied.
  • Dislikes cliches, bland colors, things that are too mundane.


Fans love Hikari Yorokobi

Hikari’s first organic post on Pinterest reached over 100K views, and now reaches over 100K+ fans per month as a result.

Hikari Yorokobi’s art has also reach millions on anime motivation’s official account, which has over 500K+ followers.


Hikari Yorokobi gallery


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